Jordan Moray: Family hikes for hours searching for missing son

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JordanImage source, South Wales Police
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Jordan Moray disappeared, along with his rucksack, trainers and headlamp in July 2019

"Come home, everything will be fine, we love you millions. Come home."

Jordan Moray went missing from his flat in Aberdare, Rhondda Cynon Taf, in July 2019 with his game console still running.

Now his mother, Debbie Moray, has spoken of how the family goes hiking for hours searching for Jordan, who she believes "left of his own accord".

"It's like looking for a needle in a haystack but we keep doing it", she said.

Mr Moray was 33-years old when he disappeared without a trace.

The door of his flat was left unlocked, his games console was running and his mobile phone had been left on charge.

Despite various possible sightings, South Wales Police have found no signs of life in the subsequent years - no financial transactions, and no contact.

Image source, South Wales Police
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Debbie Moray has made a heartfelt plea for her son to come home, or let the family know he is safe

"I ask myself all the time, why? Why Jord? Why?" said Ms Moray, in a public appeal to her son.

"His rucksack's gone, his headlamp's gone, his trainers... we're heartbroken," she said.

"He's best friends with his brother Josh, and Josh is terrible, looking over the gate constantly to see if he's coming, constantly.

"Jordan is independent and always keeps himself to himself. He's pretty quiet really. He loves the outdoor life."

'Searching the mountains'

In January 2021 a man reported to have seen and spoken to Mr Moray in the Stratford Upon Avon area, in Warwickshire, in September 2020.

South Wales Police has said it has been working closely with Warwickshire Police since the sighting, and has "never ruled anything out".

The force added the man was "confident" that he had spoken to Mr Moray, but it cannot be certain that the man was indeed Mr Moray.

"Me and my husband go up there [to Stratford] and we just walk around for hours and hours. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack but we keep doing it," added Ms Moray.

"I search the mountains and the forestry regularly. As soon as we hear something [possible sighting] we're there.

"My brother and his wife constantly go all around the mountains on foot and by bike. Jordan's brother does too."

Image source, South Wales Police
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Mr Moray's family have urged him to let them know he's alive and safe

Det Insp Gareth Davies said: "I am appealing to Jordan himself, and urge him to make contact, however I appreciate that if he is living off the grid, then the chances of him seeing this appeal are slim.

"Jordan's mum and his family are desperate for confirmation that he is alive and well and want Jordan to know that they are not angry for him leaving the way he did but are in despair at not knowing where he is and if he is ok.

"They appreciate that Jordan may not want to return as much as they would love him to but just ask for that confirmation."

'Just let me know you're safe'

Ms Moray added: "It's as if sometimes I feel as though he hasn't existed."

"Nothing's coming in with the police, and I understand if nothings coming in I can't hear anything... but nothing's come in for a while now.

"If he could go into a police station and say who is he, or just let me know somehow that he's safe and well.

"Just let somebody know. Come home."