Snoopy sculpture trail: Four smashed after two days

Image source, Dogs Trust
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"Peek a Boop" was broken of its pedestal at Victoria Park in Cardiff

Four Snoopy sculptures forming part of a trail have had to be withdrawn after just two days because they were smashed by vandals, the organisers have said.

The sculptures had been placed at landmarks around south Wales on Friday, as part of an exhibition to raise awareness and funds for the Dogs Trust.

It was "devastating" for the creators and sponsors, the organisers said.

But they added they hoped to repair the broken sculptures and called on the public to protect those that remain.

The display, entitled A Dog's Trail, includes 40 large and 75 miniature sculptures of Snoopy - a beagle from the cartoon Peanuts - in Cardiff, Caerphilly and Porthcawl.

They were placed at key locations, each containing information on their pedestal about the artist and efforts by the Dogs Trust to open a new rehoming centre in Cardiff.

Image source, Dogs Trust
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Vandals smashed "A Dog’s Dream" in front of Cardiff City Hall

The exhibition was scheduled to run until 5 June, when each Snoopy sculpture was to be auctioned off as part of a fundraiser.

"The trail's aim is to raise pounds for hounds so that we can continue to improve dog welfare in Wales," said the charity's Owen Sharp in a statement before the exhibition's opening.

Image source, Dogs Trust
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"Welsh Wildflowers" in front of Caerphilly Castle was badly cracked

A Dog's Trail said the vandalism was particularly "sad news" for the events company commissioned to create the artworks - Wild in Art.

In a statement posted on Twitter, they said: "We're sorry to bring you such sad news so early on in the trail but unfortunately we have had to remove four of our Snoopy sculptures from the trail due to vandalism."

The statement added: "We're hopeful we can repair the sculptures and have them rejoin the pack, but we are urging the public to look after our Snoopy sculptures, take pride in the artwork and not climb or hang on them, to keep them looking their best."