Tokyo Olympics: Crowds line streets for Caerphilly homecoming

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The pair set off in a soft-top Rolls-Royce

Hundreds of people have lined the streets of two south Wales valleys towns to mark the homecoming of two Olympic medallists from Tokyo.

Boxing champion Lauren Price and silver medallist Lauren Williams rode through their home towns of Ystrad Mynach and Blackwood in an open top car.

The two athletes have known each other since they were children.

"I was looking back at a picture when I am holding a pad for her and she's like nine and I am about 12." said Price.

"It's crazy just looking back," said Price.

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Boxer Lauren Price won gold and Lauren Williams won silver in the women's -67kg taekwondo in Tokyo

Price became the first Welsh boxer to win an Olympic boxing gold medal as she beat China's Li Qian in the women's middleweight final.

Williams took silver in the women's -67kg taekwondo after losing the final to Croatia's Matea Jelic at Tokyo 2020.

The homecoming event was organised by Caerphilly Council for the two athletes.

"It's been a whirlwind and rollercoaster but I am thoroughly enjoying it," said Williams.

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Sisters Isobel and Rubi joined the crowds

Training for the Olympics has meant that both athletes have had to stick to a strict training regime but that has relaxed in recent weeks.

"I had my first drink at the GQ awards and I had a terrible hangover yesterday, so I won't be drinking for a while," said Price.

"I think I haven't drunk for a year and a half. It's crazy."

Williams also enjoyed her first takeaway in "about six years" recently.

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GB's Lauren Price beats China's Li Qian to win gold in the women's middleweight boxing

"I say a takeaway, I had a Bar Burrito which is like a wrap thing," she said.

"But for me that is a takeaway because it is so strict. Just being able to go for food with my family and not have to order a salad without the dressing, it's been nice."

The pair set off in a soft-top Rolls-Royce on Friday morning complete with Welsh flags and Union Jacks and were greeted by hundreds who had lined the streets to cheer them on.

Among those on Blackwood Hight Street were sisters Rubi, 11, and Isobel, nine, who enjoy taekwondo .

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Tokyo Olympics: Lauren Williams takes taekwondo silver for Great Britain

"It's amazing," said Rubi.

"They are really cool. They are really good at what they do. We're hoping to one day be successful with Taekwondo."