David Bowie coin launched towards space by Royal Mint

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The Space Oddity singer's image headed for the stars

The Royal Mint has - quite literally - launched a commemorative coin celebrating the career of David Bowie.

The Mint, based in Llantrisant, sent the coin to an altitude of 35,656m (116,982ft) as it revealed the third edition of its Music Legends series.

The Starman, Life on Mars? and Space Oddity singer follows Queen and Elton John in being honoured with a coin.

One of the most influential musicians of his era, Bowie died of cancer in 2016 aged 69.

Image source, Royal Mint
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The coin reached an altitude of 35,656m (116,982ft)

The one ounce silver proof coin journeyed for 45 minutes before safely descending and is being offered as a competition prize.

There are a number of versions, ranging in price from £13 for a £5 coin to £72,195 for a £1,000 denomination coin.

Image source, Royal Mint
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The coins range in price from £13 to £72,195

The Mint said the design had been inspired by an image of Bowie from his time spent living and recording in Berlin. It features the iconic lightning bolt motif from Aladdin Sane, and captures Bowie's career journey.

Thanks to "the latest innovative technology and manufacturing techniques", the Mint said the lightning bolt that features on a number of the special edition coins appears to be laced with stardust to create a glitter effect.

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David Bowie: A life in lyrics

"In recognition of Bowie's first hit single Space Oddity, we felt it was fitting to send his coin into space and celebrate the Starman in his own pioneering fashion," said Clare Maclennan, from the Mint.

"David Bowie's music has inspired and influenced generations of musicians and we hope this commemorative coin will be cherished by fans around the world."