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Covid: What can you do as Wales' firebreak lockdown ends?

image captionNew rules for Wales from Monday 9 November

Restrictions to people's lives have changed again after Wales' "firebreak" lockdown was lifted.

There are no travel restrictions in Wales and two households are now able to form a bubble.

Pubs, bars and restaurants, gyms, and other businesses are also allowed to reopen.

But different restrictions are being imposed as others are lifted, so what do we know so far?

Businesses shut during the firebreak are being allowed to reopen from 9 November, but the advice for the public in Wales is to continue to avoid non-essential travel.

Can I meet up with family and friends?

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Two families can form a bubble and meet up again from 9 November, as happened prior to the firebreak lockdown in Wales.

The Welsh Government said people should limit themselves to seeing the same "one or two friends".

"To help keep everyone as safe as possible at home, only people from your own household or your extended household can meet at home," said First Minister Mark Drakeford.

"We know that changing the rules to allow two households to join together and meet at home will not reflect the family dynamics of many people in Wales and it will not enable friends and young people to meet," he said at the Welsh Government briefing on 2 November which announced the new rules.

He went on to say that indoor organised events would be allowed over the winter because it would be more difficult to meet outside.

After the firebreak lockdown, up to 15 people can take part in activities indoors and up to 30 outdoors - providing social distancing, hand hygiene and other Covid safety measures are followed.

Can I meet friends in pubs and restaurants?

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Groups of four people from different households are allowed to meet indoors at pubs, cafes and restaurants after Wales' firebreak lockdown ends.

However, four people should be "an absolute maximum", and "not a target", the Welsh Government said.

The sale of alcohol after 22:00 GMT is still banned.

Larger groups of people who all live in the same house are allowed to eat and drink out together.

First Minister Mark Drakeford asked people to visit such places in the smallest groups possible.

The rule of four will also apply when meeting people from different households outdoors, away from your home, but meeting anyone from outside your household bubble in someone's garden is not allowed.

Two households are allowed to form a bubble after the end of the firebreak but groups of more than four people who are in the same bubble are not allowed in pubs, cafes or restaurants.

Can I return to work?

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The requirement to work from home whenever possible still remains in Wales, according to the new rules.

And as work is considered "essential", people are permitted to travel over the border into England despite its planned lockdown.

Can I travel between Wales and England?

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image captionBorder communities: Chester and Wrexham

Not unless it is "essential".

The Welsh Government has introduced a "restricted list of essential purposes" to allow people to travel between the nations, such as going to work.

England entered a four-week lockdown last Thursday while the Wales firebreak restrictions have been eased.

"It will be a restricted list of essential purposes, rather than the normal toing and froing across the border that you would have seen in less fraught and difficult times," said Mr Drakeford.

The regulations also prevent travel anywhere else outside of Wales.

Can my children go to school?

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All schools reopened as normal from Monday 9 November.

Primary and special schools reopened on 2 November after the half-term break and in secondary schools only pupils in Years 7 and 8 went back to class during Wales' firebreak.

Childcare facilities remained open during the firebreak lockdown and grandparents and other relatives could care for children, but only if no other methods of childcare was available.

Where parents live apart, children have been allowed to continue to stay with both parents, with arrangements continuing as normal.

Can I go on holiday or visit my second home?

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Yes, but only in Wales.

While there are no restrictions on travel within Wales for residents, international travel should be for essential reasons only, under the new guidelines, so foreign holidays are still not allowed.

Mr Drakeford had said "tourism will be able to reopen" in Wales.

And he said people "won't be confined to their local authority area" as happened during local lockdowns.

People also cannot holiday in other parts of the UK outside of Wales.

I'm worried about a friend or loved one - can I visit?

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People are still allowed to make visits to another person's home in Wales if they are concerned about their mental well-being, Mr Drakeford said.

He explained that mental health was already a "reasonable excuse" to leave one's home and this would continue under the new rules taking effect when the firebreak lockdown in Wales ends.

"Every visit we make, every contact we have, brings risks to it, but where there is a genuine reason and people are making a visit because there is a mental welfare issue at stake, that will be allowable in Wales," he said.

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