Cofiwch Dryweryn: Work to restore protest mural wall under way

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Work on the restoration started this week

Restoration of a wall commemorating the drowning of a Welsh village is under way in Ceredigion.

The Cofiwch Dryweryn mural near Aberystwyth has been repeatedly vandalised, including with swastika graffiti, over the summer.

The protest image was painted in 1965 after the village of Capel Celyn near Bala in Gwynedd was flooded to create a reservoir to supply water to Liverpool.

Work will see the wall repaired and the mural repainted.

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The site has been subjected to several acts of vandalism in recent years

The mural, which says 'Remember Tryweryn', was just one of a number of protests sparked by the flooding of Capel Celyn.

Those events are widely regarded as the catalyst leading to campaigns to protect the Welsh language, and ultimately a move towards devolution and the establishment of a Welsh parliament,

"It's very exciting that work has started this week," said Ceredigion's member of the Senedd, Elin Jones.

"We are pleased that a local expert, Nathan Goss, will oversee the work and that local contractors, who are familiar with the heritage field, will undertake the task."

The wall is being repointed, and raised higher with stones that have fallen from the location over the years due to water damage.

Image source, Elin Jones
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The work is being led by specialist Nathan Goss and supported by local workers

Vegetation has been removed from the area, including trees that had developed ash die-back disease.

A new hedge will be planted to help protect the wall in the future.

"Aberystwyth artist Rwth Jên has agreed to recreate the painting once the wall's restoration is complete," said Ms Jones, who is also the Senedd's presiding officer.

"It will be similar to what we are familiar with."

"We won't put some plastic on it after that, so we would hope that no one damages it again, especially given the effort and money spent on protecting the site for the nation."

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