Coronavirus: Welsh Government not considering local lockdown measures

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Local lockdowns are not being considered in Wales in a bid to maintain clarity about coronavirus

Local lockdowns are not being considered in Wales to maintain a "clear message" about coronavirus, the Welsh Government says.

Finance minister Rebecca Evans said imposing different rules could cause a "great deal of confusion."

This is not the case in England where local lockdowns could be used to suppress "flare ups" of coronavirus.

That was the message delivered by UK Government health minister Matt Hancock.

But at a Welsh Government press conference Ms Evans said: "At the moment we're not considering differential lockdowns across different parts of Wales."

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Finance minister Rebecca Evans announced the plan, which contrasts with that in England

She said "one of the strengths" of the Welsh Government's message was that "a very clear message" applies "equally" across Wales.

"I think that if you do look for differential lockdowns, or lock downs in particular small areas, then there is a potential for a great deal of confusion," Ms Evans said.

"I think the testing, and tracing work will be really important in terms of negating the need for that kind of local lockdown in future, because it will be about tracking those individuals who have had contact with somebody who has been proven to have the coronavirus.

"I think that that will be a much more useful, clear and understandable way to move forward rather than those locally different approaches."

The Welsh Government has also announced contacts of people who receive a positive coronavirus test result in Wales will be traced from 1 June.