Coronavirus: Self-isolating driver 'misses child's first steps'

Image source, Ben McEwan

A lorry driver who has been self-isolating in the cab of his vehicle for the past four weeks said he missed his daughter taking her first steps.

Ben McEwan, 28, decided not to live at home while working to keep his wife and three children safe from coronavirus.

Mr McEwan, from Carmarthenshire, has been sleeping in lay-bys as he delivers food supplies across the UK.

He said he had "no choice" but to stay away because he might have been exposed to Covid-19.

The driver, who works for A Poole & Sons, admitted he missed his wife Nicola and their children Willow, Emmie and two-week-old son Jasper.

Image source, Ben McEwan
Image caption,
Ben McEwan with his daughters Emmie, left, and Willow

"My one-year-old middle daughter (Emmie) took her first steps a few days ago - something I would love to have seen," he said.

"I could have brought the illness home so I have no other choice but to live in the lorry.

"But I am so proud of Nicola and the way she is coping."

Mr McEwan often sleeps at his employer's headquarters in Whitland, as well as in lay-bys across the UK because official parking can be as much as £50 a night.

He said he makes food using the lorry's built-in microwave and can keep food in its refrigerator.

Image source, Ben McEwan
Image caption,
Mr McEwan said he has always wanted to be a driver

One advantage of the present crisis, he said, is that the roads are virtually clear, making the driving much easier.

The young father said he was carrying a load of cheese in north Wales on Tuesday and expected to sleep in the cab.

"But really I have no choice because I am making sure my family is safe," he added.

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