Borth Zoo: Escaped African antelope back in enclosures

Image source, namibelephant/Getty Images
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An antelope in the wild

Three African antelope that escaped from a zoo have all been captured and returned to enclosures.

The animals got out their holding at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom, Ceredigion, on Wednesday.

While a juvenile quickly retreated to the enclosure, a male and female had been on the loose.

The male - classed as a Category 1 dangerous because of its horns - was captured late Wednesday afternoon and female on Thursday afternoon.

Owners had described the male as having "big horns, but not aggressive" and female as "not dangerous at all".

On Thursday, Ceredigion council confirmed the male had been darted on Wednesday and female captured the next day.

"We would like to thank the public for keeping away from the zoo and its surroundings during this period," a spokesman said.