Cosmetic surgery: Woman scarred after procedure in Turkey

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Media caption"I wish I didn't have surgery in Turkey"

A woman is facing reconstructive surgery after being left scarred by cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

Kimberley Sadd, 27, from Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, had two operations costing £6,000 in 2019 and has warned of the dangers of cheap options abroad.

Surgeon Dean Boyce, from Morriston Hospital in Swansea, said patients should look at the "bigger picture".

BBC Wales has contacted Comfortzone, which performed Ms Saad's operation, but has not received a response.

Ms Sadd, who used to weigh close to 23st (146kg), told the Gareth Lewis programme on BBC Radio Wales she decided to have breast implants and a tummy tuck after losing 9st from a gastric band, which left her with excess skin.

She flew to Turkey in March 2019 because it was a "fraction of the price" of similar surgeries on offer in the UK and was also impressed by Comfortzone's website.

But the experience did not live up to expectations.

"The hospital was a little old building in a back street," she said.

"I only met the surgeon on the morning of the operation. They marked me up and put me in a lift and I did not even get weighed before the anaesthetic."

Image copyright Kimberley Sadd
Image caption Kimberley Sadd sought surgery after being left with excess skin after weight loss

She said the first surgery did not get rid of the excess skin and one of her breast implants "sagged".

Ms Sadd said Comfortzone offered her another operation, but the wound did not heal properly and left her with an infection.

She also had concerns about the hygiene at the patient villa where she stayed after her surgery.

Image copyright Kimberley Sadd
Image caption Ms Sadd was left with an infection after going through two operations

"The nurses never wore aprons when they were changing bandages," she said.

"And the (surgical) drains were just emptied down the toilet. The aftercare was awful.

"I have ongoing problems. The wound has created a little pus-bubble and the scars keep on growing.

"I have been to the NHS hospital A&E three times since I have been back in the UK and have had antibiotics in a drip in my arm."

Ms Sadd is paying for private reconstruction surgery, worth £10,000, but is concerned how much the correction of surgery performed abroad is costing the NHS. Such figures are not collated by the Welsh NHS Confederation or the two Royal Colleges representing plastic surgeons.

Image copyright Kimberley Sadd
Image caption Ms Sadd weighed closed to 23st (146kg) before her operation

Dean Boyce, from the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, said: "This is not like having a new suit of clothes. Surgery involves risks. Think about what you would do if things go wrong - if you use a local hospital you will have a local surgeon on hand.

"The reason most people tend to go abroad is because of cost. It is cheaper in some countries, but you have to look at the bigger picture. Your own body is going through this and you need to get the best and safest treatment you can."

BBC Wales has made repeated attempts to contact Comfortzone but is yet to receive any response.

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