Rocketman: Pride over Taron Egerton's Elton John biopic success

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image copyrightMichael Dore
image captionMichael Dore, pictured with Taron Egerton, said he was moved to see the film coming together

Taron Egerton's vocal coach on the Sir Elton John's biopic Rocketman says he is "really proud" of the "down to earth" star's success.

Egerton was named best actor in a musical or comedy for his portrayal of the music legend at the 77th Golden Globes awards in Los Angeles on Monday.

Michael Dore, who first worked with the star on animated film Sing, said he was moved when he saw the finished film.

"He's a good guy, a very sweet guy... so amazing in the film," he said.

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image captionEgerton thanked Sir Elton John "for living a life less ordinary"

It turns out Egerton, from Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, was no stranger to the music of Sir Elton: "One of the songs in [Sing] is Elton John's I'm Still Standing and that really got the ball rolling for Taron getting the part in Rocketman," he explained.

He said Egerton had also sung Your Song for the audition that got him into Rada (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

"He sort of feels he's come full circle," he told BBC Radio Wales' Breakfast with Claire Summers.

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image captionMr Dore says Sir Elton and Egerton have become good friends

Mr Dore's job was not to transform the Welshman into Sir Elton: "The plan was never for him to sound exactly like Elton… Elton didn't want a Stars In Their Eyes type copy, he wanted it very much to be Taron's voice with the right pop rock feel that Elton has," he said.

"He'd sung before. It wasn't like singing was a new thing for him, he has always sung."

He said he became involved with Rocketman after getting a call from its music producer Giles Martin: "[He] called me and said 'Taron wants to work with you again because he's now doing this other film about Elton John, so that's how it all started."

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image captionMr Dore first worked with with Egerton on the animated film Sing

He said he witnessed a friendship develop between Egerton and the real-life Rocketman: "Taron spent some time with him [Elton John] but it was mostly social.

"He'd come in and say 'I went for dinner last night to Elton's' and blah blah - I remember the morning after the night he'd been for dinner, Elton had given him his first diamond earring… he was absolutely thrilled about that.

"And since that time they've become really, really good friends."

He said Sir Elton was "sort of keeping an eye on things all the way through from a distance" and his husband David Furnish was "more actively involved".

"Elton would pop in from time to time and just see how things were progressing.

"There was one particular day at Abbey Road which was sort of clinched the job for Taron.

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image captionRocketman saw Egerton transformed into Sir Elton in his breakthrough years

"It was a really tough day for him because all the film executives were there - Giles Martin in the studio, [director] Dexter Fletcher, [producer] David Furnish, all the big wigs were there and Taron had to pull it all out and perform.

"So that was quite a stressful day but it clinched it for him and he didn't look back after that because they realised he was the right man for the job."

Mr Dore looks back on the project with fondness: "I'm really proud," he said.

"I remember seeing the private showing before the premiere and I was so moved to see it all coming together and him being so amazing in the film."

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