Aseel Muthana: Imprisoned Cardiff jihadist wants to return

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Aseel Muthana, now 22, was 17 when he left a part-time job selling ice cream to travel to join so-called Islamic State in Syria

A Cardiff man who left the UK to join the so-called Islamic State group and is being held prisoner in a Syrian jail has said he would like to return.

At the age of 17, Aseel Muthana left to join his older brother Nasser in Syria.

In a Channel 4 News interview from an overcrowded prison in north-eastern Syria, Mr Muthana said he would prefer to be imprisoned in the UK, adding "anything is better than here".

The 22-year-old added he still had ambitions to "make a change".

"In the beginning I didn't think twice about it because my brother joined them - I looked up to my brother," he told Dutch journalist Janan Andert for Channel 4.

Shortly after he arrived in Syria in 2014, Mr Muthana, who had left a part-time job selling ice cream in Cardiff, told BBC Wales he was "glad" he was there and was "willing to die" for the group.

Image source, Channel 4
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The prison where Mr Muthana is living is said to be overcrowded

He said he left the UK because he "wanted to help the Syrians" and claimed he worked as a translator for the Islamist group and was not among those fighting against US-backed Kurdish forces.

Mr Muthana said he would prefer to return to the UK, even if it meant spending decades in prison, adding: "Anything is better than here. At least if I go back they will give you rights."

Asked whether he blamed anyone for his current situation, he said he blamed himself.

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Aseel Muthana says he travelled to Syria because he looked up to his older brother Nasser (centre) seen here in a video aimed at recruiting jihadists

"I was 17 - young, but old enough to get on a plane and come here," he said.

"I wanted to become a teacher when I was young. When I was 17, that was my goal and until now that was my goal, although my chances are limited.

"But still, if I ever leave, I don't know, I'll still try to make a change I guess."

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