Man claims daughters blackmailed him for sex, Swansea court hears

Swansea Crown Court
Image caption The defendant said all three of his accusers had blackmailed him for sex

A man accused of raping his two daughters hundreds of times has told a court they "blackmailed" him.

The defendant, from south-west Wales, made the claim while giving evidence in his defence at Swansea Crown Court.

He denies 36 counts of rape and one of assault relating to his daughters and a girl one of them gave birth to.

Results of DNA tests showed he fathered all three of them, the court was told. It has previously heard he fathered six children with one daughter.

The defendant, who cannot be identified, said the results made him feel "sick".

He said all three of his accusers had pressured him for sex.

"Each of them blackmailed you into having that sex?" asked John Hipkin, prosecuting.

"Yes," the defendant replied.

'Compensation claim'

He told the court he first had sex with one of his daughters when she was 14.

He woke up after passing out drunk and she showed him an intimate Polaroid picture of the two of them and used it to "control his life", the jury was told.

When asked why his other daughter would make up rape allegations, he said: "I know she likes to claim compensation."

He added: "I cannot remember the details but I did have sex with her - at her insistence."

The jury heard the defendant denied making up a character named Amelia Sanctuary, who was in regular email contact with his accusers and told them to have sex with him.

Mr Hipkin told the court the email account for the so-called psychic was found on the defendants phone, which he denied putting there.

The trial continues.

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