Cardiff woman, 82, 'offered hostel' after flat sewage leak

Bathroom Image copyright Shasta Farah
Image caption Most of the mess had been cleared up following the first flood

The granddaughter of an 82-year-old woman whose flat was flooded by sewage has criticised a council for offering them a room in a hostel.

Sewage came through the toilet at Janet McCue's 12th floor flat in Butetown, Cardiff, twice on Thursday.

Her flat is modified as she uses a wheelchair but Shasta Farah, 35, who lives with her grandmother, said a request for a hotel was refused.

Cardiff council said suitable family accommodation is offered in such cases.

"There was faeces everywhere," Ms Farah said. "This has been going on since 8am this morning.

"They pretty much left at about 3.45pm and I went outside for 10 minutes, came back and it happened again - this time it was clearer but more of it. The flat is wrecked.

"The council house woman said they could put me and my nan in a hostel. My nan is disabled. We don't have any family or friends with room for us.

"It's unacceptable".

Ms Farah said the sewage had come from the piping system which runs through the block of flats.

The council said the system has now been "fully repaired" and cleaners remained on site.

A spokeswoman added: "We cannot comment on individual cases however any tenants who have been affected have been offered alternative, suitable family accommodation for the evening.

"In addition, we have alternative properties which we can offer on a temporary basis or permanently depending on the preferences of the individual.

"Officers will be on hand to discuss these options with tenants in the morning."

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