Porthcawl anti-sex toilet plans 'submitted in error'

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image captionPorthcawl Town Council had submitted plans for the new facility to the local authority

Plans for public toilets with design features to deter vandalism, rough sleepers and sexual activity were submitted in error, a council has said.

Plans for the facilities in Porthcawl's Griffin Park included weight-sensitive floors to ensure they were only used by one person at a time.

But Porthcawl Town Council said its intentions had been "misinterpreted" in the planning application.

It said it was committed to providing toilets of "traditional construction".

The design and access statement submitted to Bridgend County Borough Council included water jets to soak users if violent movement was detected, set cubicle use times to deter rough sleepers, dousing equipment to prevent smoking and drug-taking and graffiti-resistant walls and floors.

image copyrightPorthcawl Town Council
image captionThe existing Griffin Park public toilets in Porthcawl

The plans caused some concern on social media with people asking what the weight limit would be and whether parents, carers or obese people would trigger the doors to open, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

One person said on Facebook they would be too scared to use them while another person asked would someone be soaked if they suddenly had a seizure in the toilet.

In a statement, the town council said: "The town council has never had any intention of installing any floor or other movement sensors, any restricted time entry, there will not be water sprays, or self-opening doors, no weight sensitive floor and no dousing equipment as described in the statement.

"Appropriate amendments will be made to the design and access statement as necessary."

Responsibility for Porthcawl's public toilets has been transferred from the county council to the town council.

The town council is paying £135,000 towards the £170,000 project and Bridgend council is providing £35,000.

The existing facilities are due to close in October while the demolition and construction of the new building takes place, and temporary toilets will be provided nearby.

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