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Neil McEvoy investigated for 'intimidating' behaviour

image captionNeil McEvoy is being investigated for allegedly breaching Cardiff Council's code of conduct

A politician accused of "bullying" a care home worker amid a dispute over the alleged abuse of a child is to appear before an ethics committee.

The claims against Cardiff councillor Neil McEvoy centre around his attempts to visit a boy who told his parents he was being assaulted.

Mr McEvoy, who is also a member of the Welsh Assembly, is being investigated over alleged breaches of the council's code of conduct.

He denies wrongdoing.

Mr McEvoy, who has called for the committee to be held in public, said the alleged abuse was "the worst case I've come across in 30 years".

It is understood two complaints, dating to April and May last year, relate to Mr McEvoy insisting a visit to the home be arranged and calling police to organise a welfare check after he was refused access.

A report from the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales contains allegations Mr McEvoy was "demanding, undermining and intimidating" to a staff member of the care home provider, who accused him of "bullying".

A source close to the child's family defended Mr McEvoy, saying he was not bullying, intimidating or undermining, but was demanding in trying to discover the state of the child.

A third complaint is understood to relate to a visit by Mr McEvoy and the child's father to the care provider's headquarters.

The family source told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that, during the incident, the care provider refused to meet Mr McEvoy, despite the child's father wanting him to attend.

Cardiff council's committee was to consider the case on Friday, 12 July, but the meeting was postponed.

It's understood the committee will now consider the matter in September. 

Mr McEvoy said: "I want the matter to be heard in public because I want people to know how bad this is. I want some accountability from the ombudsman.

"It's staggering - the child says this has happened to them and the focus is on me."

It will consider the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales' report and decide whether further action should be taken.

A spokeswoman for the ombudsman confirmed it had a referred a report on the matter to the council's ethics and standards committee.

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