Prince Charles meets investiture protestor Dafydd Iwan

Prince of Wales and Dafydd Iwan Image copyright S4C
Image caption Prince Charles met Dafydd Iwan during his week-long visit to Wales

The Prince of Wales has met the language campaigner Dafydd Iwan - who protested against his investiture in 1969 - for the first time.

Fifty years on from the ceremony, the civil rights protestor privately met Prince Charles as part of a documentary.

The 75-year-old's song "Carlo" became an anthem for the protests.

"I am still a republican... but Charles and I have more in common than I had realised," Mr Iwan said.

"I'm glad the meeting took place and I have a lot of respect for the man I met today, not as Prince of Wales and not as a member of the Royal Family, but as a man who is passionate about what he believes in."

The investiture at Caernarfon Castle was conducted against a backdrop of protests and bombings.

Mr Iwan said: "It is an opportunity to show that it is possible to disagree without hatred and that we must find the common ground."

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Image caption Charles was crowned Prince of Wales in front of huge crowds

He said: "The response to the protests against the investiture was the greatest hatred I've experienced in politics."

Mr Iwan, who was 25 at the time, said his life was "literally threatened, both in print and verbally", "terrible things were said".

"Unfortunately, Charles was portrayed as a symbol of purity and perfection and I as the devil incarnate and public enemy number one."

Over the years, Mr Iwan had invitations to meet Prince Charles but always declined.

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Image caption Prince Charles meets local residents in one of his 20 engagements on his annual week-long visit

"We have to be mature enough to say… yes to debate and disagree, but to move on to more important things.

"I would never campaign against something like the investiture again when there are more important things to do like building a new Wales."

Dafydd Iwan: The Prince and Me will be broadcast on Sunday 7 July on S4C at 20:00 BST, with English subtitles available.

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