People urged to install homeless pods on land in Newport

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Media captionPods can build trust with rough sleepers, the man who came up with the concept says

People in Newport have been urged to install a homeless pod on their land.

The structures have a bed, toilet, light, a key-coded door and are powered by solar energy.

Charity Amazing Grace Spaces said it has housed five people in Wales since installing them five months ago and they were a stepping stone to finding permanent accommodation.

Newport Council said it backed the idea of more pods providing they are located appropriately and properly managed.

Wayne Evelyn was homeless for about a decade and became aware of the emergency pods through the probation service.

He said they had made a huge difference to the homeless community.

"I've seen one man, when he first came here, he used to look how I used to look - slouched shoulders, not a good walk," the 39-year-old said.

"After a couple of days in [the pod], he was walking around with his chin held high. He had self-worth like he'd got something to look after now."

Image caption The pods are made from timber and fibreglass, with a chemical toilet, a bed and a phone charger

Ashley Johnson, an Amazing Grace Spaces support worker, has called on local support to increase the number of pods.

"What we would like to see is other people step up - other businessmen, other people that have got private land," he said.

Martial arts academy owner Everton Smith has taken two pods behind his premises.

"The guys in there [using them] - not a problem at all, they give me the most respect."

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