South Wales Police appeal: 'Have you seen this... ghost?'

The blurry image circulated by South Wales Police Image copyright South Wales Police
Image caption Do you recognise this man? Some people thought this police photo appeal was a joke

A Welsh police force has faced ridicule on social media after it used a low quality photograph to appeal for information about a vandalism spree.

South Wales Police shared the image on Facebook of a man officers wanted to speak to after a number of vehicles had their tyres slashed in Swansea.

Some people suggested police should "call in the Ghostbusters".

The force acknowledged the image "isn't clear" but said officers believed some people would recognise him.

Police said "a large number" of vehicles had been vandalised in Weig Road overnight on Saturday.

Image copyright South Wales Police/Facebook
Image caption South Wales Police posted the appeal on Facebook on Sunday after a number of vehicles were vandalised

"Our investigations are ongoing and we are keen to speak to the person in this image in connection with this incident," the force said on Facebook.

"We appreciate the image isn't clear but believe the person or his friends will recognise him."

People were quick to point out the man in the image's resemblance to a ghost.

Image copyright Facebook
Image caption Some people suggested police "leave this to the experts" and call in the Ghostbusters

"Surely this is a job for paranormal investigators with this ghostly apparition," one Facebook user said.

Another said he thought the force "should leave this to the experts... CALL IN GHOSTBUSTERS!"

One woman thought the police might have been having a joke. "I know people that had their cars vandalised this is pointless," she added.