Swansea father and son 'gutted' about vintage motorbike theft

the classic BSA Gold Star motorbike Image copyright Family photo
Image caption Colin Burrow and his son Kevin lovingly restored the classic BSA Gold Star

A father and son who spent three years restoring two vintage motorbikes have been left devastated when thieves stole the bikes from a shed.

Restoring the classic BSA Gold Star and Triumph motorbikes was a labour of love for Colin Burrow, aged 80 and his son Kevin.

"I am really gutted," Mr Burrow, from Penllergaer, near Swansea said.

The bikes were taken from their shed sometime between 13:00 GMT on 8 February and 13:00 the next day.

"It isn't the money, it's the value in what we have done together - me and my son."

Police in Swansea say they were investigating the theft.

"My father is distraught," daughter Gail Yandell said.

Image copyright Family photo
Image caption Colin Burrow loved riding his BSA motorbike as a young man

"He managed to pick up an old BSA motorbike and when he was younger it was the first bike he bought with his wages. His ambition in life was to own another one."

The two spent what she said was "a small fortune" restoring the bike.

They then picked up an old Triumph and spent time working on that too.

"They bought a van and went to the shows and it really gave him a boost to life," Ms Yandell said.

She said her brother discovered the theft when he visited last Saturday.

"He went into the shed and said someone has broken in. My father hadn't been in the shed since the Thursday and didn't know when they had gone. These people must have known," she said.

She added a Facebook post had been shared 35,000 times.

"Dad is just absolutely devastated...They're really unsellable and completely one-off motorbikes, the BSA isn't even registered."

Mr Burrow and his son are spooling through a neighbour's CCTV footage in the hope the thieves are visible on the footage.

The family is offering a reward for the safe return of the bikes.

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