Shane Williams: Bouncers guilty of attacking rugby legend

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CCTV footage shows the incident involving Shane Williams and his brother

Three bouncers have been convicted of attacking rugby legend Shane Williams and leaving his brother unconscious outside a nightclub.

Dean Flowers, 32, Dave Wing, 53, and Aled James, 26, launched the attack while the former player was celebrating a Wales rugby win in Cardiff.

Cardiff Crown Court saw CCTV footage showing Williams, 41, being dragged to the floor inside the Coyote Ugly bar.

Wing then attacked Williams' brother Dean in an alleyway behind the venue.

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Dave Wing (left) and Dean Flowers outside Cardiff Crown Court

Flowers, of Thornhill, Cardiff, and Wing, of Grangetown, Cardiff, were found guilty of affray. James, of Ferndale, Rhondda, pleaded guilty to affray.

Judge Recorder Duncan Bould said: "This was an incident of serious public disorder."

A fourth bouncer Haydn Morgan, 42, was cleared of affray by the jury.

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CCTV footage shows the three men launching the attack that left Dean Williams unconscious

TV pundit Williams - who was named World Rugby Player of the Year in 2008 - had been celebrating a Wales rugby victory over South Africa on 2 December last year.

The court heard fans were asking for selfies in the city centre nightspot when a stranger tried to headbutt his younger brother.

However, security staff threw the brothers and their two friends Rhodri Williams and Stewart Herbert out of the club because of the row.

The three bouncers then attacked the group in a back alley, repeatedly punching and kicking them.

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Shane Williams made four appearances for the British and Irish Lions and played 87 times for Wales

Footage from security cameras show Dean Williams, 37, tapping Wing in a desperate attempt to be released from a "choke hold" before passing out.

Prosecutor Clare Wilks said: "Dave Wing kicked Dean Williams on the floor outside in the lane and kneels on the floor by him and puts him in a headlock and continues to hold him in that way until Dean Williams is tapping to let go.

"But Dave Wing doesn't relax his grip until Mr Williams passes out unconscious on the floor."

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The court saw footage of Aled James dragging Shane Williams to the floor, ripping off his jacket

Ms Wilks said James "manhandled Shane Williams, ripped his jacket from him as they tried to get him and the rest of the group towards the top of the stairs".

She told the court the main violence then occurred outside Coyote Ugly in the street.

"Aled James [is] seen repeatedly punching one of the Williams group while they're on the floor," she added.

"Dean Flowers repeatedly punches one of the males pushed against a wall. After the assault he's seen flexing his fingers and inside the club he's laughing and joking."

The three men will be sentenced at a later date.

Image source, Wales News Service
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Shane Williams was in the Coyote Ugly nightclub celebrating a Wales rugby victory