St Asaph Cathedral jobs under threat amid cost cutting

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St Asaph Cathedral is said to be the smallest in Britain

A cathedral is set to cut jobs as it struggles to balance its budget.

St Asaph Cathedral in Denbighshire said further budget cuts meant it was "likely to involve making a small number of redundancies unless any viable alternatives can be found".

It would not put a figure on the latest cut to its budget or how many posts were under threat.

The job losses will affect part-time employees, including the cathedral's director of music and his assistant.

It is understood the redundancies will not affect any members of the clergy - the process has already begun and talks held with those affected.

The cathedral gets cash from a variety of sources, including donations and grants from bodies including St Asaph Diocesan board of finance, the All Churches Trust and the Listed Place of Worship Scheme.

According to the latest available accounts, the cathedral employed six people in 2015 and 2016.

Those accounts also stated wages, salaries and pension payments in 2016 were £79,097 with a £42,588 surplus in cash generated from operations.

In a statement, the dean and chapter of St Asaph Cathedral said: "Following a reduction in the budget, which has been under financial pressure for some time, we have had to review our financial position.

"We have already put in place a number of different cost-cutting strategies, including non-staff related cost saving."

As well as having a relatively small congregation, St Asaph does not attract the same number of tourists as other cathedral towns and cities such as Cardiff, Brecon and St Davids.