Fly-tippers could be fined £400 for dumping in Merthyr

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The rubbish includes burnt out tyres, plastics and even a sofa

Fly-tippers could be fined up to £400 if they dump waste at a beauty spot in Merthyr Tydfil.

Members of the local authority have previously described the problem in Bogey Road, near Pentrebach, as being on industrial scale.

CCTV has already been installed in the area to tackle the issue.

Leader of the council, Kevin O'Neill says those responsible will be "relentlessly pursued."

"These people are criminals," he said.

"They've got no care for their community, and I cannot justify their behaviour. We will pursue them, and we will be relentless.

"The last thing that we want to do is restrict access to this beautiful countryside.

"But there are health and safety issues emerging, and we've got to do something to identify the people responsible and stop this happening."

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Council leader Kevin O'Neill says the people responsible are "criminals"

He added there are also concerns that there could be an impact on the funding the council receives if it continues to clear the area.

"It impacts on our figure for recycling," he said.

"Our figure is very important to how we are placed in the recycling performance framework, and that could ultimately impact on funding. We could have a punitive measure as far as funding.

"That complication [is not] particularly helpful."

The Welsh Government says it continues to support local authorities across Wales in tackling fly-tipping, which it says makes up a small proportion of waste going to landfills, and is therefore unlikely to affect targets significantly.

The landowners are appointing a ranger to patrol the area in a bid to put a stop to the problem.

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The landowners are appointing a ranger to patrol the area

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