'Supermoon' images captured across Wales

Image source, Wales Air Ambulance
Image caption,
The supermoon over Dafen, Carmarthenshire, as captured by the Wales Air Ambulance crew.
Image source, Denize McIntyre
Image caption,
The larger than usual moon lit up Laugharne's town hall, as seen by Denize McIntyre during a dog walk in Carmarthenshire.
Image source, Paul Knowles
Image caption,
Eye in the sky: The supermoon as seen by Paul Knowles over Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.
Image source, Joann Randles
Image caption,
Joann Randles captured Sunday night's spectacular supermoon across the waters of Tenby, in Pembrokeshire.
Image source, Frank Moore
Image caption,
Frank Moore captured this view of the supermoon, which was the last opportunity to see one in 2017.
Image source, Chris Grandon
Image caption,
Chris Grandon took this picture of the phenomenon over Caerphilly. It happens when the Moon reaches its closest point to Earth, known as a perigee Moon.
Image source, Annette Marie Townsend
Image caption,
A supermoon occurs when the perigee Moon is also a full Moon, as seen here by Annette Marie Townsend in Cardiff.

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