In Pictures: Swansea Uni's Research as Art 2017 winners

image copyrightRuth Callaway
image captionFifteen images and the stories behind them – such as how a barn owl’s pellets reveal which animals it has eaten, how data can save lives and how Barbie breaks free – have been revealed as the winners of Swansea University's 2017 Research as Art competition. The entrants had to convey their research in a striking image. The overall winner was "Bioblocks: building for nature" by Ruth Callaway of the College of Science.
image copyrightEmmanuel Péan
image captionThe Award for Imagination was given to Emmanuel Péan from the College of Engineering for his piece "Beauty in failure".
image copyrightMelissanthi Sommers-Kontoleon
image caption"Barn owl pellet contents" by Melissanthi Sommers-Kontoleon, College of Science, was given the Award for Connection with the Natural World.
image copyrightSyd Howells
image captionThe Award for Illumination was given to Syd Howells, of The Egypt Centre, for his piece "The master musicians of Joujouka".
image copyrightSimon Robinson
image caption"Hiding in plain sight: devices that blend into their surroundings" by Simon Robinson, College of Science, won the Award for Inspiration.
image copyrightClaudio Fuentes Grünewald
image caption"Natural colours from the sea for a natural lifestyle" by Claudio Fuentes Grünewald from the College of Science was Highly Commended.
image copyrightAmy Jenkins
image captionAmy Jenkins' piece "The feeling of memories" was Highly Commended. Ms Jenkins is from the College of Human and Health Sciences.
image copyrightElizabeth Evans
image captionHighly Commended - "Banality from familiarity" by Elizabeth Evans from the College of Engineering.
image copyrightKatrina Pritchard
image caption"Barbie breaks free?" by Katrina Pritchard, School of Management, was Highly Commended.
image copyrightJay Doyle
image captionHighly Commended was given to "I, Human: the moral dimension of medical device design" by Jay Doyle, College of Science.
image copyrightMandy Lane/Kirsti Bohata
image caption"Iron on the dress: redressing the story of Amy Dillwyn" earned sculptor Mandy Lane and researcher Kirsti Bohata, College of Arts and Humanities, Highly Commended.
image copyrightAnn John
image captionHighly Commended - "#Data saves lives : how do feelings become numbers?" by Ann John from Swansea University Medical School.
image copyrightLowri Davies
image captionAnother Highly Commended entry was "Like gold dust: how to deliver essential medicines for all?" by the College of Law and Criminology's Lowri Davies.
image copyrightTimothy Neate
image captionTimothy Neate, from the College of Science, entered his piece "Mirror trees: programmable liquid metal spreading tree structures" which was Highly Commended.
image copyrightAlexandros Alampounti
image caption"Aberration" by Alexandros Alampounti, College of Science, was Highly Commended.

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