Cardiff boy bullied for wearing make-up sings on US TV show

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When 12-year-old Reuben de Maid from Cardiff sang on US talk variety programme The Ellen DeGeneres Show, it was not only his voice that made an impact .

The Welsh youngster was on the show ahead of his appearance on US talent programme Little Big Shots, but, unlike other male performers, he turned up for his debut in full face make-up.

Not surprising then that, after his performance, Ellen wanted to talk not only about his singing but also about his perfectly contoured face, which had caused a problem with other boys in the past.

"Ever since I was eight, I was so interested [in make-up]," he said. "And I would watch my phone for hours on end just learning from tutorials, like blogs, and seeing how to do it.

"Before, I used to get bullied a lot. I had friends but not a lot. In my drama group I used to get hit, punched and kicked.

Image source, Reuben De Maid/Facebook

"I tried to brush it off but brushing it off doesn't work, so I stood up to them and I told my mum," Reuben explained.

The show's host Ellen DeGeneres praised him for his uniqueness and courage and presented him with a laptop, make-up and lights so he could start his own make-up tutorial channel on YouTube.

"Good for you for not stopping being who you are, that's really tough," she said.

"The fact that just because you want to wear make-up, that somebody thinks they have to hit you or even call you names, it's not hurting anybody, it's what you want to do. And you look fantastic."


Reuben's mum Vicky Thomas told the BBC she was very proud of her son.

"When he started doing make-up, people used to say to me I can't believe you let him do that, but he loves it and he is so passionate about it.

"If I didn't allow him to be who he is, he wouldn't be happy."

Men are making huge gains in the make-up industry. Brands including CoverGirl and Anastasia Beverly Hills now have male models to showcase their products.

Earlier this year Manny Gutierrez was hired as Maybelline's first male face to represent their brand.

By Rozina Sini, BBC's UGC and Social News Team

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