Speeding makes up 90% of driving offences in Wales

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Speed camera signImage source, Thinkstock

Speeding has accounted for more than 90% of motoring offences in Wales, figures have shown.

Of 172,000 offences recorded in 2015-16, a total of 159,000 were for speeding, according to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to police.

Overall, there were 2.4m driving crimes in the UK that year.

Road safety charity Brake described the Welsh speeding figure as "appalling". The four police forces in Wales have been asked to comment.

The figures were obtained in a FOI by motoring insurance company Confused.com which requested data on petrol thefts, seatbelt offences, defective tyre offences, speeding, drink-driving, drug driving and middle lane hogging.

It revealed Wales ranked as the fourth worst region for seatbelt crimes with 5,700 offences.

Brake spokeswoman Lucy Amos said: "It is appalling to see that over 90% of motoring offences in Wales during 2015-16 were related to speeding.

"Speed is a contributory factor in one in four fatal crashes in the UK - crashes that have a devastating impact on those left seriously injured or bereaved."

Gwent Police's Supt Glyn Fernquest said: "Speeding is one of the most common causes for fatal and serious collisions on our roads.

"It is extremely dangerous and puts not only the driver at risk but also other road users. The laws are in place for everyone's safety and protection and it is disappointing to see that people still think it is acceptable to break these laws."

A South Wales Police spokeswoman added: "Excess speed for the conditions, or the limit, is one of the main reasons for accidental deaths and injuries on our roads."

In January, it was announced that speeding fines for the most serious cases in England and Wales would rise by up to 50%.

The Sentencing Council said it wanted to ensure a "clear increase in penalty" as the seriousness of offending increases.