Dashcam footage leads to action by North Wales Police

Lorry drifts into inside lane on A55
Image caption Caught on camera: lorry drifts into inside lane on A55

About 60 cases of dangerous and bad driving caught on people's dashboard cameras and mobile phones have been dealt with by North Wales Police since a clampdown began four months ago.

It said other forces in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong have been in touch about Operation Snap, which it set up in October.

The project encourages drivers to upload evidence to the police website.

A total of 58 offences have so far been processed, with people facing action.

Culprits are offered driver awareness training or given fines and face possible court action and conviction.

'Taking unnecessary risks'

Incidents reported include driving without due care and attention and jumping red lights as well as road rage and tail-gating.

Police have said people submitting footage and evidence online reduces the time it takes for them to draw up and submit a prosecution file for consideration.

Sgt John Roberts said: "We are seeing some awful very close passes and people pulling in and out of junctions putting horse riders, cyclists and motorcyclists in danger.

"Often the car driver has taken an unnecessary risk or didn't even see them. Instances of road rage have also been submitted and prosecuted.

"This is all about making the roads safer for all and we hope that Operation Snap deters people from taking any unnecessary risks."

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