Man 'dead for an hour' thanks flying doctor rescue team

Helicopter rescue Image copyright Mike Dean (Eye Imagery)
Image caption Trevor Fletcher with Dr John Glen at the Wales Air Ambulance base in Welshpool

A man who was "dead" for almost an hour after suffering a cardiac arrest has visited the flying doctors who saved him to say thank you.

Flintshire factory cleaner Trevor Fletcher, 60, fell unconscious at work in Deeside's Toyota Manufacturing UK.

Prompt life-saving action from colleagues kept him alive until the air ambulance team arrived from Welshpool.

Dr John Glen, an anaesthetist on board, said teamwork at all stages had helped to save Mr Fletcher.

He works at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Denbighshire and also with the Emergency Medical Retrival and Transfer Service Cymru.

He said: "The patient was given first aid and CPR by a colleague, a defibrillator was on hand, paramedics arrived to give more intensive resuscitation and insert a tube to help him breathe.

"The helicopter was able to reach him quickly and had an expert on board, and finally he was flown directly a specialist cardiac centre.

"Without all these stages, he probably won't have made it - if he had, he would be in a bad way, and certainly not up and about in a few weeks, cracking jokes."

Once Mr Fletcher was stabilised, he was flown to the North Wales Cardiac Centre at Glan Clwyd where he was treated at a specialist laboratory, and then transferred to Arrowe Park Hospital in the Wirral to be closer to his family.


Once he recovered, Mr Fletcher, who lives in Birkenhead, travelled to Welshpool where the air ambulance is based, to meet Dr Glen and the team to say thank you.

"I hadn't been feeling well for a while, with a cough, and finally went to see my GP, who gave me antibiotics and said there was a problem with my chest," he said.

"I didn't realise it at the time, but it was actually pneumonia, which was only confirmed when I was at Glan Clwyd.

"I was at work and said to my colleagues I felt unwell and was going out for some fresh air.

"When I didn't come back they went to find me and a security guard found me unconscious.

"Really, the first I knew was waking up in Arrowe Park hospital.

"It's thanks to the doctors on the helicopter, and all the medical staff in the two hospitals, that I am alive now and I am able to go back to work, plus spend time with my family."

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