Hacked Welsh language music app Apton will 'not pay' ransom

APTON web site Image copyright APTON

A Welsh language music online streaming service targeted by hackers will not pay the ransom after police advice.

Apton was officially launched before Christmas offering music specifically from Welsh record labels.

But its website and app services went down on Thursday, with some registered users told a ransom of about £200 in the digital currency Bitcoin must be paid.

On Friday, one company behind Apton said it would not pay the demand.

Dafydd Roberts from record company Sain said following police advice it would not pay the ransom to unlock the software and return the service.

"The advice from them is that the hackers would ask for more ransom and we wouldn't be certain of getting the data back," Mr Roberts said.

Image copyright Sain

"We have a backup data that the software company is loading for us at the moment and it will take a few days - not the week that we anticipated at first.

"We are emphasising that there is no risk to customers bank details and passwords. They are in a different place and the passwords are encrypted.

"We have changed our security systems and hope that we wont be targeted again."

The Apton service is backed by apps on the Apple and Android stores and received £30,000 in Welsh Government funding to promote the language.

It charges a monthly fee like Spotify and Apple Music to access an online stream of music from the catalogues of Welsh record companies like Sain.

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