Fans 'outraged' after Wales fined by Fifa over poppies

Wales fans' poppy display at Wales v Serbia Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Wales fans' poppy display at Wales v Serbia in Cardiff on 12 November

Fans are outraged after Wales was fined for displaying poppies during its World Cup qualifier with Serbia, the Football Supporters Federation Cymru has said.

The 20,000 Sfr (£15,694) fine relates to commemorations at the 1-1 draw on 12 November.

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have also been penalised.

Fifa's Claudio Sulser said he "fully respected" the commemorations but rules needed to apply.

Vince Alm said: "Fans are outraged that the Welsh FA has even been implicated in this."

Football's governing body took action against the Football Association of Wales (FAW) because fans wore poppies in the stands and the armed forces held bunches of poppies at the side of the pitch.

Mr Sulser, disciplinary committee chairman for Fifa, said: "The display, among others, of any political or religious symbol is strictly prohibited."

Mr Alm said many supporters he had spoken to said the FAW should refuse to pay the fine.

"These were just normal fans wearing poppies when it's their personal choice to do so," he added.

"For the vast majority of supporters, wearing a poppy is not a political statement but a symbol of remembrance."

The FAW has been asked to respond.

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