Recorded suicides see sharp annual rise in Wales

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The number of recorded suicides has risen sharply in Wales, according to latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In 2015, 350 people took their own lives compared to 247 in the previous year.

However, the charity Samaritans said the apparent increase needed to be "treated with caution."

It said the fluctuations from one year to another could be put be down "problems with accuracy".

In many cases, there can be a substantial delay in registering a death by suicide.

Out of the 350 suicides registered last year, just under half happened before 2015.

'Saving lives'

The ONS said: "Part of the rise in the number of suicides registered in Wales in 2015 can be explained by a higher proportion of suicides occurring in previous years being included in this year's figures."

Last year's recorded suicides involved 274 men and 76 women.

The highest number were in Cardiff (34), followed by Swansea (18), Newport (16) and Ceredigion (8).

The chief executive of Samaritans, Ruth Sutherland said: "Suicide is not inevitable, it's preventable and politicians, employers, health bodies and educators all have a role in identifying and supporting those most at risk.

"With better awareness and education on suicide prevention, as well as better planning, we will save lives".

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