First woman bishop appointment rubber-stamped in Cardiff

Canon Joanna Penberthy Image copyright Church in Wales

The appointment of Wales' first woman bishop has been rubber-stamped at a Sacred Synod in Cardiff.

Canon Joanna Penberthy was named the 129th Bishop of St Davids in Pembrokeshire earlier this month.

The Sacred Synod brought together bishops from the other five Welsh dioceses to check her election was carried out properly and there were no objections.

Now her appointment is confirmed, she will be consecrated on 21 January.

That ceremony will be carried out by Archbishop of Wales Dr Barry Morgan, who also led the Sacred Synod at Llandaff Cathedral at 18:00 GMT on Wednesday.

He said: "The constitution of the Church in Wales requires all Episcopal elections to be confirmed by the other bishops meeting in Sacred Synod."

The meeting, he said, had been an opportunity for any member of the Church in Wales who wished to draw any matter to the bishops' attention in relation to this Episcopal election, to do so.

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