Welsh police crackdown on drivers using mobile phones

Mobile phone use whilst driving Image copyright PA

Motorists who use mobile phones while driving are being warned they face sanctions as the Welsh forces launch a campaign to crack down on the practice.

The two-week blitz on phone use behind the wheel will see anyone caught fined £100 and given a three-point penalty.

Illegal calling and texting while driving has risen nationally and is expected to be the number one cause of road death and injuries in 2016.

In Wales, more than 500 people were caught during last year's campaign.

Gwent Police is leading the crackdown for the four Welsh forces this year.

Ch Insp Huw Jones said: "Even experienced and competent drivers can be easily distracted and a slight lapse in concentration can have serious consequences.

"Smart phones are a key part of modern life and we are also seeing drivers being distracted whilst checking social media, reading their emails or accessing the internet. Drivers need to be aware that these actions carry the same danger and the same penalty.

"Our main message is clear; keep your eyes on the road. A lapse in concentration when driving can be devastating and this is why officers from all four Welsh forces will be carrying out proactive patrols to target motorists who endanger road users in this way."

Susan Storch, chairwoman of Road Safety Wales, said: "Driving a vehicle requires us to multi-task so anything above and beyond that needs to wait until we are safely parked up or until our journey has finished.

"No call or text is that important."

Last month, lorry driver Tomasz Kroker was jailed for 10 years after killing a mother and three children while distracted by his phone on the A34 in Berkshire.

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