Wye estuary and Crofty warnings of high tide flooding

A woman being sprayed by the high tide Image copyright Wales News Service

Flood alerts have been issued to people in and near coastal areas, with high spring tides set to hit.

The tides are set to reach their peak between Sunday and Monday evening, with a threat to homes and roads near the Wye estuary in Tintern, Monmouthshire.

Natural Resources Wales also warned people living in Crofty, Gower, to install their flood protection gates.

There are 10 alerts, with three in south east Wales, four in south west, one in Ceredigion and two in the north.

Warnings in south east Wales cover the Wye estuary and also the rivers Severn and Usk, with Tintern, Monmouthshire, highlighted as a potential trouble spot.

The road at the village could be closed, while there was a alert about a risk to some properties.

A warning was also issued for Crofty in the Gower.

Locals there have been told to install their flood protection gates - supplied to keep sea water at bay.

NRW's Rick Park said astronomical tides will be "very high" over the coming days.

However, he said: "With relatively settled weather the risk of flooding to the majority of Wales is very low."

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