Gordon Anglesea 'made boys do military-style parades'

Ex-police chief Gordon Anglesea

A police chief accused of sexually assaulting boys, subjected teenagers to military-style parades at an attendance centre he ran, a court has heard.

Former North Wales Police Supt Gordon Anglesea, 78, of Old Colwyn, denies sexually abusing two teenage boys in the 1980s.

Retired policeman John Kelly helped Mr Anglesea set up the attendance centre for "tearaway" teenage boys.

He told Mold Crown Court the boys would be lined and "inspected by Anglesea".

Mr Anglesea was in charge of the attendance centre while Mr Kelly, who previously lived next door to Mr Anglesea, was second in command.

During a police interview in 2014, Mr Kelly said a typical session at the centre started with a "military-style parade" where the boys were lined up and "inspected by Anglesea".

Mr Kelly told the court he would sometimes visit Bryn Alyn and Bryn Estyn care homes when boys absconded, but it was procedure to issue cautions at a police station rather than at the homes.

Asked in court if Mr Anglesea ever issued cautions at the homes, he replied: "On the odd occasion."

However, the court heard how in his police statement, he said: "I am aware that Gordon Anglesea on a very regular basis visited Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn and conducted cautions at the premises," adding: it became "almost became the norm".

During the prosecution opening of the trial, the court was told boys at the attendance centre would be made to do gym and drill parade sessions and woodwork classes on Saturday afternoons.

Mr Anglesea would then inspect the parade and make youngsters do naked sit-ups and squat thrusts.

But Mr Kelly said he saw no evidence of abuse at the centre.

The court heard that at the time Mr Anglesea was said to have committed the offences between September 1982 and September 1983, his five-year-old daughter died.

Defence barrister Tania Griffiths QC said: "She died on May 10, 1983.

"At the time he was said to be abusing somebody, his little girl was seriously ill. He spent a lot of time with Elizabeth and the family as they approached the end."

Mr Anglesea denies two allegations of indecent assault and one serious sexual assault on one boy, and the indecent assault of another.

The trial continues.

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