Ex-minister denies blocking Caerphilly bike path

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Media captionRon Davies said he was being filmed unblocking a path

A former secretary of state for Wales has denied laying rocks and logs on a path used by mountain bikers.

Ron Davies said a covert camera filmed him clearing obstacles for the benefit of walkers on Caerphilly Mountain.

Cyclists have told the BBC that obstacles placed in their path put them in danger.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), which owns the land, has encouraged both sides to meet to resolve the issue.

Mr Davies told BBC 5 live the area was "enormously attractive" but that it had been "trashed" by some, "putting people at risk".

"I've never blocked or obstructed a footpath in my life," he said.

"In fact, I've unblocked obstructions on a few and that's what I was doing when this covert video was taken.

"I was actually removing an obstacle from a footpath.

"I have spent all my life walking the footpaths in this part of the world," he said.

It is not against the rules for mountain bikers to ride on unofficial trails, providing they do not cause any damage to wildlife or the environment.

NRW recently cleared mounds and other structures built without permission by bikers amid safety and conservation fears.

Signs advising them of how to go through official channels were torn down and defaced.

Referring to the obstructions, Ian Clarke from Van Road Mountain Bikers said: "I can appreciate that maybe some people don't agree with the way we use the woods, but I think if you're putting other people in danger, that's a problem for us."

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