RNLI lifeboat photographer Jack Lowe's 19th Century method

Jack Lowe Image copyright Duncan Davis

A photographer is taking his Victorian equipment to seven RNLI stations to capture lifeboat crews with his 19th Century technique.

Jack Lowe will visit seven stations between Penarth and Aberystwyth, recording images on glass.

Earlier this year he photographed at a further seven stations in Wales.

His photographs are developed in a decommissioned NHS ambulance, which he bought on eBay and transformed into a mobile darkroom.

Image copyright Jack Lowe

Mr Lowe, the grandson of Dad's Army actor Arthur Lowe, will visit Penarth on Tuesday, followed by Horton and Port-Eynon, Little and Broad Haven, Fishguard, Cardigan and New Quay, and he will finish his project at Aberystwyth on 24 September.

"From an early age I knew I wanted to either be a photographer or a lifeboat crew member," he said.

"This trip has given me the opportunity to fulfil both my dreams. It's fantastic to see how many people have been so interested and engaged with the project."

He said some of his photographs so far had even left some crew members in tears.

Mr Lowe will visit the remainder of the Welsh lifeboat stations in the future.

Image copyright Jack Lowe
Image copyright Jack Lowe
Image copyright Jack Lowe
Image copyright Jack Lowe

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