'Grabber' Crickhowell grocer must pay £3,000 to victims

Raymond Grenfell outside his shop Image copyright Wales news service

A grocer has been told to pay £1,000 to three women he sexually assaulted.

Former scout leader Raymond Grenfell, 70, claimed touching, kissing and making inappropriate comments to female customers was "friendly banter" in his Grenfell and Sons store in Crickhowell.

He appealed against an order to pay compensation to his victims at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.

But Michael Fitton QC described Grenfell as a "man who lacks respect for women" and said he must pay.

He dismissed Grenfell's appeal for three of the women, but upheld it for a fourth because the burden of proof had not been met.

Image copyright Wales news service

'Made me feel dirty'

Grenfell's victims, who cannot be named and are in their 30s and 40s, returned to give evidence at the appeal hearing.

One said: "We all called him Grabber Grenfell. It started to become more than just an easy friendship. I felt some of his remarks became rather lewd, and inappropriate and dirty minded.

"I was very vulnerable. I had been through hell. It made me feel dirty. He did not hold back."

Grenfell, a former school governor, told the court it was normal for him to greet customers with a hug and a peck or sometimes a kiss on the lips and it was all just part of friendly banter as part of his friendly and tactile persona.

He must also complete 150 hours unpaid work and sign as a sex offender for five years.