See Around Britain app to help disabled people plan trips

image captionPhotographer Marg McNiel (right) has set up the app with business partner Trevor Palmer (left)

A phone app to help disabled people and visitors plan trips will be launched in Cardiff on Monday.

See Around Britain includes more than 500,000 photographs of facilities such as toilets, access information and disabled parking at points of interest.

The app will be operated from Carmarthen and includes photographs taken over 40 years by Marg McNiel, who has mobility problems.

Disability Wales said it can help those who "lack confidence in getting out".

Mr McNeil said: "There are well over half a million photographs that I've taken, all of which need to be catalogued on to the website and web app, but I'm also inviting individuals or access groups to send photographs of any other venues they think should be on there.

"Equally, we want to build an interactive relationship with all the venue-owners asking them to send the measurements and photographs of their particular venue."

image captionThe photographs include disabled parking, the size of steps and the width of entrances
media captionMarg McNiel has appealed for the public's help with the app

The three trustees involved in the project are now working on a version featuring European countries.

A Disability Wales spokeswoman said: "Access to the built environment can be problematic for many disabled people living with a range of different impairments.

"Many lack confidence in getting out and about because of the uncertainty of access.

"See Around Britain is a welcomed initiative that will benefit many disabled people."

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