Orlando shooting: Hundreds attend Cardiff vigil

The vigil outside the Senedd

About 350 people have attended a vigil in Cardiff to show support for victims of the mass shooting in Orlando.

Pride Cymru and Stonewall Cymru organised the event, which began at 19:00 BST outside the Senedd.

Gunman Omar Mateen killed 49 people in the Pulse gay night club on Sunday.

Andrew White, director of Stonewall Cymru, said: "This isn't one community coming together, this is many communities coming together - it's really inspiring."

He added: "This is a dark, dark day in the history of LGBT people, we're determined we're going to turn that darkness into a bright future."

Louise Thomas, chairwoman of Pride Cymru, said: "Our thoughts are with all of the victims and their friends and family involved in the terrifying events."

In a speech at the vigil, Plaid Cymru AM Adam Price called on the assembly to legislate to enable gay men to give blood.

At present, men who have had sex with other men cannot donate blood under Welsh Blood Service rules.

Mr Price said: "We can end in Wales the ban on gay men giving blood. Let's end that ban, that same ban that our brothers were facing in Florida over the weekend - trying to give blood to help their own community and refused because of the ban there too."

Image copyright Stonewall Cymru

US President Barack Obama has said the shooting was being treated as a terrorist investigation.

However, he said there was no clear evidence Mateen was directed by the so-called Islamic State.

Earlier on Monday, there was another vigil held at Old Palace Yard near the House of Commons.

Welsh MPs Susan Elan-Jones and Christina Rees were among those in attendance, along with Welsh peer Baroness Anita Gale and shadow Welsh secretary Nia Griffith.

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