'Blacklisted' union workers win £120,000 payout

Construction worker Image copyright Thinkstock

Two GMB union members in Wales have received £120,000 from construction firms over claims they were blacklisted.

The GMB said it understood the total paid out was £75m for 771 claimants, of which 116 GMB members were involved.

The union said one member from Cardiff received £90,000 and one in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, had accepted £30,000.

Four unions have reached deals with construction industry employers to end a long-running legal battle.

The GMB released the details after one of the other unions, Unite, reached a separate settlement with 256 workers, sharing more than £10m in compensation.

In a joint statement, the firms involved said the settlement with Unite brought to a close all the claims in the litigation.

In some cases, the blacklist included details of worker's political views, competence, and trade union activities.

It had been used by construction firms to vet those applying for work on building sites, it has been claimed.

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