Easter Monday operation to cut motorcycle casualties

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An operation to cut the number of motorcycle-related casualties in Wales will take place on Easter Monday.

The number of people hurt or killed in motorbike crashes in Wales in 2014 - 749 - was a seven-year high.

All four Welsh police forces will join Wales' safety camera partnership, GoSafe, in a bid to tackle dangerous and antisocial riding and driving.

Marked and unmarked vehicles will be placed at key sites across Wales, using a mixture of education and enforcement.

Transport Minister Edwina Hart said: "Road traffic collisions happen every day with potentially tragic consequences, but almost all are entirely avoidable.

"Although Wales' roads are amongst the safest in the world - and we can be rightly proud of that - there is still room for significant improvement, but everyone has a responsibility for improving safety and playing their part."

The operation, known as Dragon's Claw, was funded by the Welsh Government as part of its Trunk Road Safety Review, which identified 280 sections of road where further safety measures would be introduced.

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