Some energy firms yet to fit any smart meters in Wales

Smart meter Image copyright Energy Retail Association

Some of the big six energy firms have yet to install a single smart meter in Wales, BBC Wales has learnt.

The UK government wants smart meters fitted in all homes by 2020, putting an end to estimated bills.

The company promoting the roll-out, Smart Energy GB said it was working to let people know about the changes.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change said energy suppliers had made a "good start" on installation.

Figures obtained by BBC Wales showed British Gas, which has 375,000 customers in Wales, had installed 90,000 so far.

SSE said it was committed to installing them in about a million Welsh homes and was currently at 27,000.

'A good start'

EDF Energy, which has about 115,000 Welsh customers, has yet to begin rolling out the new meters in Wales. A spokesperson said the company was waiting for "industry-wide shared systems" to be in place.

EON said it had been focusing mainly on the midlands, north west England and East Anglia while Npower said it was trialling the technology. ScottishPower said it has installed a small number of meters as part of technical trials with a roll-out set to begin this year.

A central communications system for smart meters is due to be up and running in October 2016 after which time energy companies say mass roll out will be more straightforward.

SSE told BBC Wales that by the time the roll out was in full swing it expected to fit 800 meters in Welsh homes per day to meet the target.

A report from the Institute of Directors last year warned the UK government's smart meter scheme was too ambitious and risked becoming an "IT disaster".

Fflur Lawton, Head of policy for Wales at Smart Energy GB, said: "There's certainly a challenge to get there but energy firms are working hard to do that and working with their customers to make sure they understand the benefits of the smart meter."

"Each of the energy suppliers rolls out on a slightly different rate. Where you live and what sort of house you have will affect when you'll get your smart meter."

A DECC spokesperson said: "Energy suppliers have made a good start during this stage of the rollout, with over two million meters already operating in homes and businesses across Britain."

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