Name for dinosaur found on Vale of Glamorgan beach

image copyrightNational Museum of Wales
image captionTwo brothers discovered the fossilised skeleton and collected the specimen, including its skull, claws and serrated teeth

A fossilised skeleton of a dinosaur found on a beach in the Vale of Glamorgan has been given a name, bit it does not exactly roll off the tongue.

The newly-christened Dracoraptor hanigani - a distant cousin of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex - was uncovered by spring storms in 2014 at Lavernock.

"Dracoraptor" means dragon robber and "hanigani" honours brothers Nick and Rob Hanigan who discovered the remains.

It is the first theropod skeleton found in Wales.

Isolated teeth and bones of other dinosaurs have previously been found near Penarth, Bridgend, and Cowbridge.

image copyrightNational Museum of Wales
image captionBrothers Nick and Rob Hanigan discovered the fossil in 2014

Cindy Howells, palaeontology curator for the National Museum of Wales, worked alongside experts from the University of Portsmouth and the University of Manchester to established that the dinosaur was a young meat-eater from the theropod group.

It would have been approximately 70cm (28in) tall and 200cm (79in) long, with a long tail to help it balance.

The fossil is on display in the main hall at the National Museum of Wales.

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