The leaders' debate

As usual for Sunday mornings, I've been listening to Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement programme. What was unusual about this morning was the fact that my colleague Vaughan Roderick had the leaders of the five main parties in Wales alongside him in Studio 6 at BBC Broadcasting House in Llandaff.

It's the first time in 2016 that Carwyn Jones, Andrew RT Davies, Leanne Wood, Kirsty Williams and Nathan Gill have shared a platform ahead of May's assembly elections.

It was a really good debate to compliment my coffee and cereals - in discussing the economy, the lines on the job threats in the Welsh steel industry have already been picked up by my newsroom colleagues.

The leaders also discussed education - nothing new in the debate there - and they also chewed the fat (or the muesli) over the NHS.

One striking feature of the debate was that Plaid are emerging early on as the only party proposing major change in the NHS.

There is consensus among the other parties that restructuring is needed like a hole in the head, as Kirsty Williams said.

It will be up to Plaid to prove that unless there is big change, there won't be improvement. Carwyn Jones looks like he is going to base his health strategy on the Treasury figures showing spending per head is greater in Wales than in England.

Anyway, just some thoughts from the breakfast table - if you want to listen to the debate, you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer.