Anglesey message in a bottle pair's China trip hope

Nancy Harrington, her husband Bren and 11-year-old Jack at the spot the bottle was found Image copyright Nancy Harrington
Image caption Jack Harrington, 11, with his parents Nancy and Bren

An 11-year-old boy who found a Chinese message in a bottle on an Anglesey beach could be flown to China to help trace its origins.

Jack Harrington discovered the bottle on Silver Bay beach in February 2015 while dog walking with his parents.

Researchers believe the bottle came from a Xiamen University student.

The story has been featured on the front pages of Chinese newspapers, and a journalist is trying to arrange for the pair to visit.

"It's quite amazing," said Jack's mother, Nancy Harrington.

Image copyright Silver Bay

"A journalist [from China] asked us some questions about what we knew about China and whether we would be interested in going there, and we said 'yes'."

Georgia Bradbury, who has been researching the bottle and message, said it most likely came from a restaurant on the Gulangyu island - which is more than 6,000 miles (9600km) away from Silver Bay.

She said she had received emails from the UK and China, and theories about its content include it telling the tale of two students going their separate ways after university and choosing between their love and their dreams.

"I think the fact that the message in a bottle has the university song on it only strengthens this idea," Ms Bradbury said.

"[The island] is a really small place that you can walk around in its entirety in three to four hours, and there's also no vehicles on the island apart from one fire engine."

Image copyright Silver Bay

Ms Harrington said a love letter in the bottle had also been translated.

"It reads like it was written from a man to a woman, it talks about 'the most precious months or weeks' which was a 'magical time', and then he gives her advice.

"He tells her 'don't get too skinny because you're beautiful as you are'."

Ms Bradbury added: "We're hoping some of the Chinese papers will be able to track down who sent the message, apparently Nancy and her son are quite famous in China now."

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