Wales unemployment falls by 17,000 in one year

Workers Image copyright PA

The number of people out of work has fallen in Wales, with 17,000 fewer people unemployed than a year ago.

There are now 88,000 people unemployed and looking for work - 5.9% of the working age population, according to Office for National Statistics figures released on Wednesday.

But the unemployment rate in Wales is still higher than the UK rate of 5.2%.

Although unemployment is down, the employment level has also fallen and there is a rise in economic inactivity.

This includes people who are not working or classed as unemployed, for example studying or caring for a family member.

The Welsh government said over the past year, Wales had "outperformed almost every other part of the UK", recording the joint largest fall in the unemployment rate and the second largest increase in the rate of employment.

Welsh Secretary Stephen Crabb said the "fruits of Welsh economic recovery" were evident across the country.

But he added the mixed figures show "there is absolutely no room for complacency" and the recovery was "fragile".

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