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Syria air strikes: 'Free vote' call from Welsh MP Kinnock

Stephen Kinnock

The Labour Party leader should allow a free vote on UK air strikes in Syria, one of the party's newest Welsh MPs has said.

Stephen Kinnock, the MP for Aberavon and son of the former Labour leader Lord Kinnock, told BBC Wales he opposed the air strikes.

He also accepted leader Jeremy Corbyn did not have the Parliamentary Labour Party behind him "at this time".

Prime Minister David Cameron set out his case for action on Thursday.

Conservative ministers have spent the weekend trying to secure the support of opposition MPs to back a vote on the issue, expected to take place in the coming week.

But speaking on BBC Radio Wales Sunday Supplement programme, Mr Kinnock said he remain unconvinced.

"I am opposed to the bombing of ISIL and Syria because I'm not persuaded by the prime minister's case," he said.

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He argued that the issue was "complex" and that strengthened the argument for his leader to give Labour MPs a free vote on the issue.

"My personal views is that Jeremy should have offered a free vote as soon as possible after the prime minister's statement," added the MP, who was elected in this year's General Election.

He said the Labour leader could then have set out his stance against extending military intervention against so-called Islamic State.

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