Elwen Evans QC: Legal glass ceiling 'transformed'

Elwen Evans

The glass ceiling for women in the legal profession has effectively been smashed, says the new head of law at Swansea University.

Elwen Evans QC said she was the only female barrister working in the city at one time - but the profession has gone though a "complete transformation".

However, the part-time judge said there was still room for improvement.

She told BBC Radio Wales that this was particularly true for the Supreme Court.

After being appointed to her new role in Swansea, she told the Jason Mohammad programme that she felt both privileged and lucky to be working in law.

"I think I've been part of a generation who has seen a complete transformation within the legal system," she said.

"There are of course issues so far as the Supreme Court is concerned.

"But in reality, from the roots up, there has been - and continues to be - an enormous transformation."

The QC said she believed all parts of the legal system in Wales and England had put a "lot of effort" into addressing issues surrounding equality.

"When I started in Swansea I was the only woman barrister there for a long time - but it's changed," she added.

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